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WOLFBOX G840S 12"IPS Dash Camera 4K

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Upgraded 4K - Capture your driving moments in stunning high definition

Whether you're conquering rugged mountain roads or cruising on expansive highways, the G840S dash cam with its upgraded 4K resolution captures every adventurous moment with exceptional clarity. Its detailed imagery and lifelike colors will allow you to relive the joy of driving and preserve precious memories.

WDR Auto Brightness Adjustment - Capture the highlights in any environment

Whether it's a sunny day or a dimly lit street at night, the G840S dash cam features WDR technology that intelligently adjusts brightness, ensuring clear footage in any environment. Regardless of high-contrast or low-light backgrounds, you'll obtain crisp and detailed recordings, preserving every exciting driving experience.

Super Night Vision - Safeguard your nighttime driving

Nighttime driving can be challenging, but with the G840S dash cam's Super Night Vision feature, you can enjoy a secure driving experience even in the dark. Its advanced night vision technology enhances image brightness and contrast in low-light conditions, allowing you to see road details and surroundings clearly, providing comprehensive nighttime driving protection.

 24H Parking Surveillance - Protect your vehicle around the clock

Whether parked at a shopping mall or in a residential area, the G840S dash cam's 24-hour parking surveillance feature ensures all-around protection for your vehicle. It immediately starts recording and sends alerts to your device when any collision or movement is detected, keeping you informed about incidents and safeguarding your vehicle from potential threats.

GPS Tracking Display - Record your driving route

Whether you're traveling or commuting, the G840S dash cam's GPS tracking display accurately records your driving route and displays it on a map. This not only helps you review your driving journey but also serves as evidence for dispute resolution. You can easily track and share your driving routes, leaving behind valuable memories.


12-inch Ultra-Large Touchscreen - Intuitive and convenient operation

Equipped with a 12-inch ultra-large touchscreen, the G840S dash cam offers a wider view and a user-friendly operating experience. You can effortlessly browse and manage video files, adjust settings, and even view real-time previews. Whether on the road or parked, this dash cam provides an intuitive and convenient interface, allowing you to focus on driving safety.



Parking Assistant - Your reliable companion for safe parking

The G840S dash cam's parking assistant feature becomes your dependable companion during the parking process, providing comprehensive parking assistance. With front and rear cameras, it offers real-time panoramic views, helping you accurately judge vehicle positions and distances, and avoiding potential collision risks. Whether parallel parking or reverse parking, this dash cam provides precise parking assistance, making your parking experience safer and smoother.

Aside from loop recording for safe driving, your car will still be in safe hands after being parked. The time-lapse mode is there to monitor at very low fps which saves power and capacity while having everything recorded.



To make the use process more stable, the G840S Mirror Camera has been fully upgraded from Mini-USB to a USB C socket, which can largely avoid restarting, high-temperature deformation, and so on. (if you need a hardwire kit, please buy a dedicated USB C hardwire kit. 

WOLFBOX Hardwire Kit

For Parking Surveillance Mode, the WOLFBOX Hardwire Kit ensures power for the WOLFBOX dash cam to continue operating while the car parked.

Mirror Flip Function - Capture and view footage with flexible orientation

The G840S dash cam comes with a unique Mirror Flip function, allowing you to capture and view footage with a flipped or mirrored orientation. You can easily flip the recorded videos for a more natural viewing experience or to comply with specific recording requirements. 


What is in the box:

1 X 4K Mirror Dash Camera
1 X 1080P backup camera with screws and 3M tape
1 X External GPS antenna
1 X 32GB TF card
1 X11 foot car charger
1 X 20 ft cable for rear camera
1 X Rubber straps to fix front camera
1 X User Manual and FAQ



Warm Tips:

1. The front camera supports 2160P/1296P/1080P/720P, and the rear camera supports 1080P/720P, when the front and rear cameras record simultaneously, it will be fixed at 1080P.

2. Please check the functionality of the dash cam with all its accessories before installation.

3. The original cable length of the rear camera is 20ft, suitable for most types of cars.

4. When using the parking monitoring function, please select [time lapse] recording mode. Otherwise, the driving recorder will quickly drain your car battery.

5. Please format the micro SD card every quarter in case the locked videos occupy a lot of capacity, please release them necessarily.

6. Please use the original accessories provided in the package, only in case of compatibility problem after using others'.

7. If you use micro SD card capacity > 32GB, please change the micro SD card format 〔Class10 (10MB/sec) required〕 to FAT 32 on PC (32GB card is included in the package) .

8. Please confirm whether your cigar power port is ACC. (If the cigarette lighter is still charged after turning off the car, please use the wiring kit or unplug the car charger after turning off the car, otherwise it may exhaust your car's power supply.) (Note: This happens on some Ford/Audi cars and electric cars.)

9. If your car has its own reversing assist system, please ignore the reversing line of G840S. The mirror dash camera reversing system can only be used as an aid. Unlike the usual reverse assist system which shows 72 degree view, the mirror recorder can show 180 degree view, so the rear image will be bigger. If you mind, please buy with caution.



1. How to find the video recorded by the rear camera?

In the lower left corner of the video display interface, there is a [car-shaped icon]. Click this icon to switch the video interface of the front and rear cameras.

2. When the car is on, why can't it start automatically? / Why keep shutting down and rebooting?

Please use our original car charger cable; otherwise it will cause some problems.

3. Why doesn't the GPS work?

The vehicle must be within a wide range to receive the signal. If it is still not received in a wide area, we will send a new one.

4. Where can I get a GPS player?

Please insert the GPS and SD card into the dash cam, after rebooting the machine, you can see a GPS_Player.txt with the latest GPS player on the SD card. Note: Follow the link on the SD card.

5. Why can't my time be saved?

Set [Time Zone] when using GPS, instead of [Clock Settings].

Note: For more questions about use or necessary accessories, please refer to the manual and FAQ PDF.

What is in the box:

1 X 2160P Mirror Dash Camera
1 X 1080P backup camera with screws and 3M tape
1 X External GPS antenna
1 X 32GB TF card
1 X11 foot car charger
1 X 20 ft cable for rear camera
1 X Rubber straps to fix front camera
1 X User Manual and FAQ

Warranty & Support

- 100% customer satisfaction is our continuous pursuit. WOLFBOX supports a 12-month after-sales guarantee and 24/7 after-sales service. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please contact us.

WOLFBOX G840S 12"IPS Dash Camera 4K



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